The damaging roads..

Posted by:Amanda

19 years living in this lovely village is enough for me to see the ups and downs happened for many years. You might say that it is too early for me evaluate or to judge the condition of this village but if even young children can feel the painful condition that is haunting the villagers now, what do you think I feel about this?
What I am trying to put emphasis on today is about the situation of the roads in this village. The bloody roads are undeniably pathetic. This is not an issue about ugliness but this is all about safety. With potholes here and there, loosened rocks and stones where there’s supposed to be smooth and solid tarmac, where cars can be driven smoothly, but alas, the road condition is making car owners and drivers to grind their teeth every time. Those who owned big 4 wheel drives can afford to smile but what of those small car owners, who can only afford Kancil or Kelisa? The roads are damaging and those small cars cannot endure the situation. Please do not expect everyone to buy a fancy car because not everyone can afford it. So, who’s to blame?

We are still waiting for movements. The pictures are better than the actual condition..

baru nampak ni entry kampung :) not only this jalan yang rosak teruk, even yang depan rumah anti rusia & anti matulina pun sangat teruk. less people use this road nowadays due to lubang yang dalam and tidak dipedulikan.

iya..hampir semua jalan rusak sdh kn :)

Tida taula mcmana mau minta peruntukan mau kasi bikin tu..kesian betul kg kita ni :)

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