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The Dusun(Sabah,Malaysia) and Bunun(Taiwan) connection?

Read one blog about the connection between Dusun and Bunun (Taiwan), and i would love to share them . Taken from Justin 's blog, anyone interested just go to his blog :)


California woman earns college diploma at age 94

Soares, who has six children and 40 grandchildren and great-grandchildren, is believed to be the world's second oldest person to graduate from college.

everyone can do it! in our culture 'biarlah budak budak seja sekolah'. Not-so-young people will tend to be ashamed to continue studying. I am so not agree...

Born in Richmond, Calif. in 1915, Soares said she had wanted to attend college right after she graduated from Roosevelt High School in Oakland in 1932, but that was during the Great Depression.

"Unless you had some help, it would have been impossible to go to college," Soares said. "However I never lost the desire to go."
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She had been tru hard days...but she keep her dream..Thats what we, dusun people should do!


nunukragang online dictionary

As always , i was google'ing' about, and saw this website. Its an online dictionary for Dusun, translated to english and other language.

Not sure if this website still being maintained, but i do feel this is really important untuk jaga bahasa Dusun especially.

Kamurang tingu2 la tu website, and maybe boleh register untuk contribute bahasa. I am very interested and sedang cari2 contact admin dia..siapa2 yang tau, please let me know!


Pejabat daerah ranau sy terjumpa website pejabat daerah ranau...Hahah

Ada pula :P...hehe...siapa2 yg tida tau sini :

Surf2 la benda2 menarik d sana..Hmm wonder kalau ada siapa2 bole tolong scan gambar2 lama kg kinorotuan, atau bg copy documen2 pasal cerita2 asal usul kg ka..

And kinorotuan kan ada logo...sepa buli bagi softcopy? nanti sy publish sini...sharing is caring :)


Kaamatan Update

Just to update everyone on Kaamatan Klang Valley 2010 di sini KL..heheh kami2 yg di sini KL pn tida ketinggalan juga ba ber kaamatan..Ada sugandoi (urang ranau yg manang) sama unduk ngadau pn ada..

Nie event last week tu, sana Flamingo Hotel..

hee...Sy sama kawan sy regina, sebagai penyambut tetamu..haha

Nie durang begambar sama penari

kami model nescafe..muhehe

Hmm apa macam kaamatan di kg ah..still buat mcm time kami budak2 dl ka? Ada pameran, games n byk acara2 malam?

Last but not least....


Coke fuelled cell phone

Cool! Latest conceptual mobile phone , pakai air coke (in Dusun kuka-kula hehe) sebagai bateri..!

 Coke contains carbohydrates (the sugar), is able to produce electricity, once sparked with some enzymes.

Nie la kerja urg2 bio-technology nih..Tapi macam siuk juga rite..:D

Bio batteries are not new, they have been around for decades and can produce 3-4 times of juice that traditional lithium mobile phone batteries can. Since coke is easily available through almost any grocery shops, and it’s not pricey, so it’s definitely a smart idea to use coke as the fuel for the bio batteries.


Bloging and dapat duit

Its not as easy as it sound, but its true.. We can get money on Blogging. banyak info bole dapat from internet sich as :

Me myself had been blogging since masih belajar..ada la sikit2 pendapatan..haha..Biasa dapat assignments and dapat bayaran dalam USD5-USD20 per assignment. Not bad uh!

Bayaran durg buat tru Paypal..bole kasi transfer to Maybank account..very convenient..So sepa2 mau try2, can always ask me..:D

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