Tips - On Airasia Help Desk!

Another Tipsy for those who have a problem with Air asia..

Being someone who have to travel quite frequent, and have to manage my own flight (i still can't afford to hire PA to manage it he he) so yea, i learn quite a few do and don't about flight. I experience quite a few things about flights, tickets, check in and yea stuffs.

Recently i was booking  AirAsia ticket online, using my Maybank2u- well unfortunately. I wish i just use my crdt card. Usually after successfully made the payment, Airasia(AA) will automatically send the itinerary with the booking number to my email. But not this time. So i need AA to send me my itinerary.

I need to confirm that there's no problem with my flight, so i had 4 options:

1. AirAsia Service Center :
    No : 600859999
    Charges : RM1.95/minute (If you book using Crdt Card it will save you RM4 because you just give them the crdt card number and walla they can retrieve your details!)

2. Tweet - @askairasia

3. Email - will redirect you to :
               : so you have to fill in the form and bla bla bla

4.LIVE Chat : Which they have a limited access and you NEED to have your BOOKING NUM : If you are going to ask about 'What-your-booking-num-is-AA-never-send' then don't bother to click LIVE Chat.

FYI, none give me what i requested - for a simple 'Please send my itinerary'

I call service center they said they will resend my itinerary. This costs me RM30
After few days they never resend.
I tweet to @askairasia well no response. When you have tweeter, it suppose to be only delay what 1 or 2 minutes...I waited for hours none. Costs me 3 hours waiting.

I click on LIVE Chat . Well as i mention above i dont have the booking number, so yea don't bother, they just waste your time.

Finally..I have to call back to Service center which costs me another RM10.

At this time, i am still waiting for their email.

So people..think about it. You pay RM49 for the tickets, but you will spend another RM50 to call them because of their poor service? So actually your ticket costs RM100.

P/s - Not to mention the time you spent to 'sakit hati' and feel like want to kill someone..If that cost you a lot..Because well, God already mark you as BAD  :)

hahaha.. tiwas, aritu sa guna cimbclicks laju jak durang email sa pnya itinenary.. muehehe..

bukan selalu gia begitu..tapi bila kena..habis DUIT! huh bikin benci!

bukan kasi tingu saja IC time check-in trus ok ka tu?..ndapayah pakai itinerary.apapun, apabuli buat la..len kali misti hati2..hehe

ya buli, tapi mesalahnya tu flight sdh xda dlm schedule bila check. durg tukar kali sdh kapal...tu yg risu..heheh

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